Worthless Stuff

It's just stuff

Something A Little More Interesting

Obviously for me, blogging is difficult. Not that it's physically exhausting, or that I can't think of anything to write about, but the fact that I can't seem to be consistent with it. With family, work, friends and outside interests, writing on the blog has never been a high priority. Which, I guess does make this kinda worthless. At least I got something right.

My First Real Post

I can't believe it's been 7 years since I bought this domain. At one point I had huge ideas for this, but then the blogging bubble just kinda burst and I didn't really have a desire to come up with the huge amount of unique content that it would have required. So, I kept the domain for $12 a year and left it alone.

But now, with the social media interest I've gotten, I figured it's time to have a little bit more of a footprint. In fact, since Facebook is soooooo boring and really only there for stalkers, I figured doing a bit of my own writing for those that aren't facebook "friends" would be a good exercise.

Here we go!


Welcome to Worthless Stuff! The views and opinions here are all my own. I may shamelessly plug some of my own work, or the work of others I like. I may also be my own worst critic, but I own that. So enjoy, and please be social.