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Adding Comments to the Blog

No blog is any good if it's a one way conversation. Feedback is essential in all aspects of life, especially a digital life. Thus I've added commenting to my site. Upon initial launch I didn't have this component enabled, but now it is. I've also decided to leave the comments open, which means I'm trusting of the readers to leave appropriate content. This may be a mistake, but I'm willing to give it a try.

The safety net is that I get notified of each comment and have the ability to moderate it. Cross site scripting is turned off, thus no JavaScript attacks.

What this ultimately means, is that I'd like to hear from you. I can only start the conversation, but I'd like you to add to it. In fact, your comments and interaction are vital to keeping me going with this. Blogging is only fun when you have an audience that is willing to consume the content. I need to know that I'm producing content that you feel is relevant and wanted.

So it's available. Start sending me something!


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