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Belly Be Gone

Bye Belly Bye Bye

I appreciate the fact that I've great at starting things. I'm also pretty good at getting things moving and getting through the "tough" parts of projects or challenge. However, I also appreciate the fact I'm not such a great finisher. I mean, it's important to understand and accept your limitations right? Thus, I've started and tried, just about every fad diet that's out there. I've even seen results, but I've never finished one off and been able to kept the weight off. This time, it really does have to be different. I'm tired of my belly getting in my way.

It's probably important to start with some stats, before I get into the details of what I'm going to do.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 226lbs
Shirt Size: XL, but not the fitted kind
Pant Size: 36(baggy), 34 (tight)
Current Exercise: 10,000 step goal via Fitbit.

So there you go, the dirty details that I'm not afraid to share. My Goal is to simply get to around 185 or 190lbs by sometime next year (2019). I'm not looking to run a marathon or a 10K, or get in great shape and be a challenger for an Iron Man. I simply want to be a healthier me for my own health and have energy to do things with my children.

So what am I actually doing to get to my goal? That's a great question, and I'm going old school on this one. Yup, I'm first going to cut out all beer. It's not as if I drink a lot of it, but doing some research, beer will absolutely stop any progress I will be making in the gym. Which is the next big part I'm changing, which is hitting the gym. I've been paying $100/mo for a long time and rarely getting anything out of it. It's time to change that. With the help of my Fitbit, I'm making sure I move my body at the very least, for 30 mins a day. I'll get cardio and weight training in at the gym. On those off days, I'll get a less intense cardio workout in via dog walking.

Thus completes my plan of attack. With better eating and more physical fitness, I should improve my health and lose the necessary belly. The hardest part will be self control. It's easy to grab a beer with a meal once in a while. It easy to pop those chips in my mouth when I make the kids lunch. That's what needs to change the most. In order for this to work, I've got to put the mental effort into it.

We shall see what happens. Holidays are upon us and I've got a bit of travel to do for work. It's easy to get off track when away from home. Thus the challenge...


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