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Bye Belly Bye

Belly roll hanging out while crouched down

Belly Be Gone

I have no idea what day of Coronavirus quarantine that I’m in. I don’t even know if it matters at this point. What I do know is that my eating and exercise habits during this “stay at home” time have gotten away from me. I can blame the gym not being open, and I can blame the pandemic, but that’s really bullshit. There is no reason for my middle section to grow like it has. I’m the one controlling what goes in my mouth, nobody else, and I have complete control over it. I also have the ability to change it…. Immediately.

One of the daily routines that I’ve started to slack off on is my intermittent fasting, or time based eating as I like to refer to it as. At first I was using Zero, which is basically just a stop watch for when you should or shouldn’t be eating. Reality is, I don’t need the app, but I do need to get back on track with eating during a certain time of day. I liked the 16:8 method and I’m going to return to it. Consuming between 12 (noon) and 7 or 8 pm. The other app I was using was Lose It, which tracks my daily intake of calories and relates it to my exercise. The third app is simply my Fitbit step tracker. Lose It and Fitbit work together to monitor how my exercise affects the number of calories I need to take in, and how many calories I have in the bank at the end of the day.

I need to be more active and I need to eat better. That’s really what this boils down too. As the weather gets better, there is plenty more opportunity to get out and be active. Right now, my daily activity is walking the dog and once in a while going on a hike. I should really hike more and skateboard more, you know, do things I actually enjoy. It’s understandable to sit during the day, as I do have a job that requires me to be in front of a computer, and this is also no time to be slacking off on work.

Today I took the first step in being more active. I tried 10 push-ups and 10 sit ups. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard that task was. Although a fresh 45 yrs old, I often thought of myself as being in better shape than I actually am. The push ups were harder than I thought and I struggled to do even a set of 10. At first I thought I’d do 30 days of this routine, but increasing the number by one of each every day. Thus, 10 sit ups/push ups today and 11 of each tomorrow. Now that I’ve actually done it, I’m not so sure that’s possible. I think I’d like to get to the point where 10 isn’t so difficult and then increase my output.

The goal is not to weigh a certain amount, the goal is to feel better. To be fair, I don’t feel bad, I was just shocked at how bad I looked, and I can’t blame that on a pandemic. The bulge needs to go and belly fat is the most unhealthy of all the fats. Round is a shape, just not a healthy shape.

So let's see how this goes. Daily routines that are healthy and eliminating the habits that aren’t.


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