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Elite 8 Day 1 2022

Duke vs Arkansas Elite 8

Two 2's a 4 and 5 today

Today's games promise to bring a ton of excitement and some great defenses. Both of the games today are going to be close and could potentially be fist fight all game long. We also get to see two of the best coaches in the college game. At the end of the day we could have two number 2 seeds moving on, but I think it will be different.

The Elite 8 is fun especially for the home viewer, because you don't have to flip back and forth between games. Both games being on TBS, means we will get to see both games without having to miss part of the first game.

Game 1 is (5) Houston vs (2) Villanova. This is a hard one to pick. I'm a big fan of how Villanova is coached and plays. Besides Coach K, Jay Wright has more championships than any other coach left in the tournament. However, I like the way this Houston team plays. They are scrappy, they rebound well and they shoot fairly good when then need too. I'm going to take a chance on Houston in this one. Being that the game is played in San Antonio, it's almost like a home game for the Cougars. Houston in this one.

Game 2 is (4) Arkansas vs (2) Duke. To be honest, I'm shocked with Arkansas being in the place they are. I felt Gonzaga got screwed with bad calls in the sweet 16 game, but we can't change the outcome, so moving on we go. Without a doubt Duke is one of the most prepared and well coached teams left in the tournament, and that makes a huge difference in these situations. With the emotional high this team is on, the experience of the coaching staff in these situations, I think Duke will whether the storm. In fact I think this might be a little lopsided. Duke.

So there we have it. I'm looking forward to a Houston vs Duke final 4. I wouldn't be surprised if it Villanova and Duke, but I'd be surprised if Duke loses. Duke and Kansas look like tough teams.


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