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Hustling Is My Day Job

Everyone is always talking about their "side hustle". I was starting to wonder if I'm suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or if perhaps I'm really doing the right thing and just enjoying my life. As I started to google, watch YouTube and generally get more familiar with the "gig economy", I realized I was actually living this lifestyle. Looking at it a little deeper, I've been operating this way for a while now.

To be clear, a side hustle is a means of generating more income, but it's not a job. At least it's not a job that you use as your primary source of income. Typically it's something you have a passion for or a deep interest in. Most importantly it brings in some money that can propel you to a new career or job.

That being said, I don't consider what I do outside of my day job a side hustle. My career is my main focus, my family is my second focus. Side projects don't get in the way of either of those. I consider my side income as nothing more than "fun money", of which I don't depend on. The key for me is that the side income isn't something I need to run my daily life. My bills, investments and outside activities are all taken care of through my paycheck. However, I produce content in one form or another on a daily basis that isn't attached to my career. It's meant for me, and for those whom with I engage on certain topics. Most of what I produce isn't created to make money. It's fun stuff.

I am hustling every day. I'm out trying to find the next fun and exciting thing to be involved in. Most of the things I'm interested in, I can apply to my daily job. I enjoy working. Whether that's for my current employer or if that's engaging on a side project with a customer. I try to not get involved in situations that don't bring me happiness or at the very least gratification. The money making "hobbies" that I am currently engaged do at times bring in some extra cash. Embroidery, Website design and consulting, garment printing and coffee cup making, all at times produce a few dollars here and there. For me they are fun, not necessary.

So with that, I guess I don't have to worry about FOMO. In the words of Rick Ross "Everyday I'm Hustlin", and I don't think I'd have it any other way.


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