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Happy 2022 - New Beginnings

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Happy 2022 - New Beginnings

2021 was a rough one. Slightly better than 2020, but not too much better. Now that it's behind us, let's look forward to making 2022 the best one yet of this decade. The bar is low, so the barrier to making lemonade out of lemons should be and effortless one.

At the beginning of each year, I like to set some goals. Goals to me come in two flavors:

  1. Personal

  2. Professional.

Here is what my goals are for 2022!

Last year I changed jobs to join a company where I had previously been a partner. I've be working with this technology for more than 20 years. In fact, parts of the application were actually written by yours' truly. As you can imagine, moving into my new role was very comfortable. Since I started in July, I can honestly say I'm extremely happy with my decision and my work life balance.

With that said, I do have many professional goals for this year.

  1. Be a positive teammate: We are living in challenging times, being positive and motivating others on my team is my highest priority.

  2. Develop new applications: In my industry, if you aren't moving forward you are being left behind. Content creation is changing every day. As an architect, I need to stay on top of trends and develop new items for customers to be excited about.

  3. Improve response times: I'll admit it, sometimes I get so bogged down with demo's and documentation that I neglect checking in with customers and colleagues. This is a MUST improve item for me.

  4. Get in line for a promotion: The best part about my new company is that there is all kinds of room for growth, so I'll either be looking for a new challenge, but hopefully still working with my current team.

My personal goals are much more difficult to create, but after a bit of thought, I've decided on the following:

  • Family Time: If the pandemic taught me anything, it's that spending time with family and friends is really what makes me happy.

  • Get Married: I think that's pretty self explanatory.

  • New Home: The last few years has found me renting, rather than owning after I sold my home. I sold my home for good reason, but it's time to stop renting and start owning. Plus, now that I'm home more, I need a few more weekend project other than sleeping.

  • My Health: Late last year, I changed my diet and exercise routine. I have an indoor bike, I should use it. I have kettlebells, I should put them to use. I enjoy cooking, I should do that more and create healthy meals. It's not about losing weight, it's about feeling better and living a longer life. At my age, I've realized life is short and it's time to live more of it.

  • Improve my YouTube Channel(s): My main hobby these days is video production. What that means is making video's for YouTube. I have a personal channel where I daily vlog, which you can find here and I have another channel where I post my cooking videos. I enjoy not only the video creation, but the whole process associated with it. Planning, shooting, editing and all the little things that go with it. If you are a follower, you'll be happy to know I'm doing my best to do better.

  • Cookbook Creation: Although a lofty goal, I'd like to create my own cookbook. That pretty much sums it all up. I've created a site called Stuffed Worthless. The goal of this site is to be my online cookbook. Who knows, I might also post some other hilarious content, at least I'll think it's hilarious.

  • Tee Shirt Nut Revival: I've had the site TeeShirtNut for at least 10 years. At one point I was selling T-Shirt, then I switched to buying and selling vintage wears. Now it's changing again, but this time it's personal, as I'm only posting about my addiction to rock band t-shirts. Either way, it's a fun little project.

That's about it as far as goals. I hope to accomplish all of them, but I also realize life throws you a curveball every now and then. I want to accomplish them all, and perhaps I'll add some more. If you have any suggestions for me on any of these topics, please let me know in the comments below. Or head on over to the contact me section and let me have it!

Here is to making this the best year in a long time!


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