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I'm Adding a Vlog

I've Decided to Vlog

As a father, and as I get older, I've come to realize that I won't be around forever to torture my children. My teenagers are especially susceptible to my embarrassing jokes, failed attempts at humor and of course awkward questions delivered at the most inopportune times. However, I take the gift of fatherhood very seriously, and I also believe it's my right as a father to produce content that will make them, as they say "cringe".

How to I plan to succeed in my plan? Here's how.

The first thing I've done is buy myself a GoPro 7 Black. Well, actually I'm replacing it. I received one of these as a gift, but it got stolen in a car break-in this year in northern California. I did need to add a microphone and stability cage, so I didn't have a complete setup. What I plan to do is vlog from my kitchen table or couch, as well as while I'm out and about. That basically means when I'm with the kids... Won't they just love that

I don't really have an agenda for my vlog, besides making sure everyone knows I'm calling it a vlog (pronounced vee log). I have no expectations that I will have any followers besides some friends and family. Most of them will undoubtedly subscribe out of kindness or FOMO. This is NOT to make money nor hock the goods of my other sites, although GENIUS product placement may occur.

Basically this is for fun and staying in the know as I forge further into my marketing career. As with anything I do or put out there, I encourage comments, tips & tricks or whatever advice you may have. Again, this is for fun, not profit and definitely not be a "YouTuber". I'm sure this will be good for a few laughs and at the very least an appreciation for those folks I've worked with for years that have edited content.

Vlog #1 is on it's way!


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