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March Madness Day 1 Results

Saint Peter Basketball NCAA Tournament

Big Time Shockers

Yesterday I was 13 and 3. In my defense I'm pretty sure nobody saw Kentucky (2) losing to Saint Peter's (15) and Iowa (5) falling to Richmond (12). Two number five (5) seeds lost yesterday, and I know that a twelve seed usually beats a five seed each year, but I didn't expect it to be Iowa and Connecticut.

These upsets are what make the tournament so exciting. When a small team like Saint Peter's from New Jersey knocks off the Kentucky. Keep in mind UK has 8 championships, which is only 3 behind UCLA, whom has 11 championships. Iowa and UConn I can understand, there is bound to be an upset eventually, I just really didn't think it would be Iowa, as I had them going pretty far. Each of the 5 seeds that lost yesterday, I had going to the sweet 16. Looks like those were bracket busters for sure.


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