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March Madness Day 1 Round 1

Day 1 Basketball Tournament

The Picks Are In

Thus far I'm one for two, but the game I lost I thoroughly enjoyed! Notre Dame and Rutgers had a hell of a double overtime game. And wouldn't you know the luck of the Irish did in fact help them, as they scored the winning bucket as the clock struck 12. Technically they scored that basket on St. Patricks Day. What a great start to the tournament.

Now on with my Day 1 picks.

Today's Games:

  • (11) Michigan vs (6) Colorado State: Like I've said before, I'm a Big 10 guy and although UofM didn't have the best season, I still like them in this one. I'm taking Michigan.
  • (13) South Dakota State vs. (4) Providence: I can't say I know much about either of these schools, but I did see Providence play many times this year. Providence walks away in this one.
  • (9) Memphis vs. (8) Boise State: Penny was one of my favorite NBA players when he played with Shaq. Also who didn't love Little Penny. In a close game I'm taking Memphis.
  • (16) Norfolk State vs. (1) Baylor: A number 1 vs a 16, this one doesn't take much brain power. Baylor is no Virginia, so we will take them in very lopsided game. Baylor.
  • (14) Longwood vs. (3) Tennessee: I think Tennessee is one of the best teams in the tournament. They can score as good as any team out there. This should be an easy one for Tennessee.
  • (12) Richmond vs. (5) Iowa: I didn't know much about Iowa until I watched the Big 10 tournament. What a game they had against a very good Purdue team. I also don't know much about Richmond, and Iowa can score fairly well. My bet is on Iowa for this one.
  • (16) Georgia State vs. (1) Gonzaga: Just so we are clear, I have Gonzaga winning the whole thing this year. With that said, Gonzaga in a route.
  • (9) Marquette vs. (8) UNC: Eight and Nine matchups are so hard to determine. I've seen both of teams plenty this year, and to be honest, I think they are both really good teams. I do however think the caliber of teams UNC plays is slightly better. So in a close one I'll take UNC.
  • (12) New Mexico State vs. (5) UConn: Connticut looked good in many games I saw of them this year. New Mexico doesn't play many good teams either. I like the Huskies.
  • (15) Saint Peter's vs. (2) Kentucky: UK looks tough this year, plus I don't think a John Calipari team has ever lost in the first round. Kentucky rolls in this one.
  • (12) Indiana vs. (5) Saint Mary's: Indiana hasn't been the same since Bobby left, and I don't think they were very good this season. Saint Mary's should easily win this one.
  • (9) Creighton vs (8) San Diego St.: I live a stones throw from San Deigo, my cousin played football for them, yet in this one I like Creighton. Both stelar defenses though, so it should be a good one.
  • (13) Vermont vs. (4) Arkansas: I saw Arkansas play several times this year and at times, I would have thought they could beat anyone. Not towards the end of the year. However, I like them in this one for sure. Arkansas
  • (13) Akron vs. (4) UCLA: I'm an Ohio guy, and Akron rarely gets any airtime. However, I think they will be overmatched with UCLA. UCLA will win this one.
  • (10) San Francisco vs. (7) Murray State: I'm surprised San Fran. got ranked as high as they did. Murray State has played well all year and lets not forget they have only lost twice this year. Murray State for sure.
  • (16) Texas Sourthern vs. (1) Kansas: Here we go with another 1 vs 16. I'll take the one, especially Kansas as they have a legit shot at winning the whole thing. Kansas in a landslide.

That's what I think for Day 1. I'm sure there are some major upsets in there, but I like what I've picked. Let's see how it turns out tomorrow.


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