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Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament Day 2 Round 1

Who will be upset today?

Today is a new day and with that another day of men's basketball tournament picks. Will a number 5 seed upset get upset? Can a Yale or a Cal State Fullerton beat a much higher seed? Who knows, but I'm sure it will be a day of excitement.

Here are my picks for today:

  • (10) Loyola IL vs. (7) The Ohio State University: As said many times I'm a Big 10 fan, and although OSU didn't have a great season, I don't think Sister Jean can help Loyola this year. Ohio State for the win.
  • (15) Jacksonville State vs. (2) Auburn: Auburn can score at will, they also let other teams score at will as well. However, I don't see Jacksonville beating Auburn here. Tigers take this one.
  • (14) Montana State vs. (3) Texas Tech: Both teams had similar records, however the Bobcats don't play nearly the competition that Texas Tech does. I like the Red Raiders to roll in this one.
  • (14) Yale vs. (3) Purdue: In the Big 10 championship, I thought Purdue played great and Iowa just had some lucky shots (and calls). I'm sticking with the Big 10 and Purdue.
  • (15) Delaware vs. (2) Villanova: Nova has looked good, real good. I also know nothing about Delaware and that may hurt me, but I don't think this is another Wildcat upset. I'll pick the Villanova Wildcats.
  • (10) Miami vs. (7) USC: I've seen a lot of USC this year. I've also seen Miami a few times. For me this is the game of the day. USC has moments where they simply can't score, they also lack defensive focus at times. Miami beat Duke and has all kinds of swagger. I like The U in this one. Miami
  • (11) Notre Dame vs. (6) Alabama: Notre Dame is coming off a high in beating Rutgers in a great game. Alabama is just bigger and deeper. Roll Tide!
  • (11) Virginia Tech vs (6) Texas: This is interesting. I'm not a fan of Texas. In fact I think they are over seeded, however I do think they will escape against Virginia Tech. So I'm going with the Longhorns in this matchup.
  • (13) Chattanooga vs. (4) Illinois: Another Big  10 team, with the exception of Indiana, I think this is the weakest of the Big 10. However, they will be too much for Chattanooga, so I'll pick the Illini
  • (15) Cal State Fullerton vs. (2) Duke: No question here. Duke looks great and they have a ton of emotion going into this tournament. Hard to bet against them no matter the opponent. Duke and Coach K.
  • (11) Iowa State vs. (6) LSU: This is the upset I wanted to pick, however I'm not sure Iowa State has the bench to stay competitive in the second half. Tigers in this one.
  • (16) Wright State vs. (1) Arizona: Not much to be said here. Arizona looks like one of the best teams in the nation. Wright State played their way in. Wildcats.
  • (12) UAB vs. (5) Houston: Most things in Houston suck, however this team isn't as bad as the city. They should escape the first round. Houston but a close one.
  • (10) Davidson vs. (7) Michigan State: Tom Izzo teams simply don't get taken out in the first round. Michigan State wins this one.
  • (14) Colgate vs. (3) Wisconsin: Colgate may clean your teeth, but thats where the freshness ends. Wisconsin and Johnny Davis will roll easily here.
  • (9) TCU vs. (8) Seton Hall: I'd love to take TCU, but the last few games they looked sloppy. Seton Hall didn't impress me much either, but they did look better than TCU. Plus I can't pick a horned frog, I like the Pirates.

There we have day 2 picks. Read it and I'll weep, as I'm sure there are some major upsets on the way. Let's see tomorrow how I did. 

Enjoy the games!


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