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Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament Round 2 Day 2 Picks

Michigan State Ready to take on Duke

Can we have two Cinderellas?

Obviously yesterday didn't work out so well for me, but I'm going to do better today. At least I woke up and told myself to forget about yesterday. I knew I should have picked Michigan, so today I'm picking with my heart and not what the numbers might say.

Here are the picks:

  • (4) Illinois vs. (5) Houston: Again, not a fan of anything Houston, but they look tough to beat. Houston in this one.
  • (7) The Ohio State University vs. (2) Villanova: Ok, so I LOVE OSU, but I also think Jay Wright is the best coach out there. Sadly, I'm picking Villanova. Sorry Buckeye's, if it were football, this is a no brainer.
  • (7) Michigan State vs. (2) Duke: Here is the tough one. I think Duke and coach K are unbelievable. I also know Izzo is 3 - 12 against Duke. However, my heart is taking Michigan State.
  • (11) Iowa St. vs. (3) Wisconsin: I'm a big fan of Johnny Davis and I think he alone will rip Iowa State. However, Iowa State is no joke, they could pull this off easily. Badgers.
  • (11) Notre Dame vs. (3) Texas Tech: Notre Dame surprised me in the first round, they could do it again. Wisdom says Texas Tech.
  • (10) Miami vs. (2) Auburn: Miami played well against USC. However, Auburn looked fairly tough against a 15 seeded team, so I"ll keep picking them until they give me reason not to. Auburn.
  • (6) Texas vs. (3) Purdue: If Purdue plays their game, they are as good as anyone. If they try to get into a track meet with Texas it could be a disaster. Purdue but this one makes me nervous.
  • (9) TCU vs. (1) Arizona: No question, Arizona. TCU isn't bad, Arizona is just really well coached and talented.

I'm not sure where the stinkers may be, but I'm sure they are out there. Let's see how I do headed into the sweet 16.


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