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Peloton - Beginner

A Peloton Beginner

Today I started the slow and seemingly painful journey of exercising after a fairly long hiatus from any real physical activity. That's not entirely true, I have four kids and I'm constantly chasing, rushing, unpacking, packing and hustling to get someone someplace on-time. Eating is a completely different issue, but we can tackle that later. This is about Peloton.

It's day 1, and on the first day I decided it was all about preparation. I'm sure I'll learn more as I go, but at first I thought I'd put a decent effort understanding everything I needed to know about bike, process, app, etc... I'm glad I did, there is more to it than I at first thought. My initial instinct was that I'd get a water bottle, a towel, some headphones and sit on a bike and have some instructor in New York yell at me to keep pushing. That's only partially true, the instructor never yells at you individually, at least not when you are doing a beginner on-demand ride.

Get The Subscription (Sign Up)
The first part is actually creating an account. Peloton has done a good job is making this extremely easy. Sign up, start your 14 day trial. It's really that simple. I'm not done with mine yet, but from what I can see unlocking all the classes is definitely what I'll want to do. I'm going with the recommendation I've received, which was start with the beginner and move up to the live classes. So that's that I'm doing now.

Good Headphones
Because there is so much verbal instruction in the classes, and you'll want to be motivated via the music, do yourself a favor and get the best set of headphones you can afford. I went ahead and got a Bluetooth pair off of Amazon at an incredible price. I bought a pair of Mpow that seem to do the job just fine. You can see them here if you are interested.

You will sweat get a towel
One area I may not have appreciated enough, was the amount of sweat equity I was going to be putting into this. I was drenched. Perhaps I was soaked through my shirt in the first 20 mins. In order to be a compassionate fellow bike rider, get yourself a towel that soaks up the sweat. I bough myself one of those cooling towels, it seems to work just fine and lasted me the whole 60 minutes.

Among everything else, water is essential. This one you can't be without. Don't for a minute believe you'll get away with the average 12 ounce bottle of water you put in your refrigerator. No, that won't cut it. I bought myself a 17 oz. Swell bottle, and I finished it before I was through. I only took the beginner class, which I assume wasn't that tough as some of the others, yet I was more out of shape than most too. So, this may vary for you. I decided I'd rather have it than not have it, so I figured what the hell, go with the bigger bottle.

At this point, those are the essentials for me. You may find yourself needing other things like shoes, outfits, etc... My bike doesn't have the clips, so I don't have any reference for what kind of shoes to wear. I wore plane jogging shoes, and my outfit was a cotton shirt and gym shorts. Nothing fancy here.

If you have any Peloton advice or stories to share, please let me know. I'd love to know if there is something I need to tweak in order to get more out of this. Presumably my diet will change, and I won't be using the bike as a justification for Beer O'Clock.


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