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Instagram: Public for Business Private for Personal

May 26, 2020

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Anyone whom has at least one friend and has ever taken a picture on their mobile phone, probably has an Instagram account. In fact, I can’t think of a brand, person, or animal that doesn’t have an account. Not sure if Instagram is really that popular or necessary for your online success? Here are a few statistics that you should probably know then.

By looking at those numbers, Instagram should be part of any marketing strategy. However, the way one sets up their account can be critical. I thought I’d cover one of the biggest questions I get asked when consulting with brands/companies on their Instagram strategy, and this is whether or not to setup a profile to be public or private.

Let’s first look at why one would want to be public:

Here are some reasons why one might want to be private:

To me the dividing line of whether to be private or public is a fairly easy one to distinguish. If you are a brand and you want your product to be seen and shared easily without any restrictions, you’ll want to be public. On a personal level, if you’d like to share your content with only a select few, I’d suggest setting your account to private. Keep in mind you can switch between the two, however if you were private before and now you want to be public, keep in mind all of your activity prior to the switch will also change.

As for underage accounts, which are supposed to happen, but they do, I’d say keep those private. Kids should just be treated differently, as there are just too many online creeps out there.

Keep in mind, the idea of Instagram is to share your content with the masses. I have two accounts, one for personal and one for online consumption. My public profile can be found here: As for my personal, I guess you’d already know that if we are friends. I try my best not to share work life with my personal contacts and vice versa.

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