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May 13, 2020

Simple SEO Image in text. Simple Changes Big Results

Search Engine Optimization is a term that's very popular in the tech world, and with the current environment as it is, it may be a more important subject that it's ever been before. For those that aren't quite as familiar with it, it as simply as I can say it, is the practice of informing search engines what your site is all about and the type of content you are putting on your pages. It's a pretty straight forward term, as you are optimizing your site to help search engines list your content in the best way possible. Thus other folks using a search engine (google, bing, yahoo, etc.) can find your page if you've optimized it correctly.

As more companies keep employee's home and our lives revolve more around our home life, optimizing ones site so that it can be found, along with your services and products, can be the difference between success and non-existence.

This site isn't using one of the popular Web CMS (Content Management System) that are popular for building websites today. I have more than 20 years building websites and putting them in CMS for major Fortune 500 companies, and one thing I've learned is that everyone feels their requirements are unique,. The reality is, they really aren't. As far as SEO goes, the search engines treat everyone the same. Play by the rules and user their best practices and you'll be rewarded.

A few of the changes I'm making, are due to some analytic testing I've been doing with customer sites, and a refresh of what the Google Webmaster Blog has to say about it.

First and foremost, I believe the rankings reward those that write the best and most engaging content. Forget all the fancy keyword stuffing, meta tags and image optimization, if people like your content and they link to it, send it to others and revisit it, you'll be rewarded. However, some of the changes I'm making here are for the search bots that actually read the content on a page. Here are the items I'm changing in my CMS to hopefully give this site a boost in rankings.

This is just a start to shaping this site up. We will track the analytics to see whether or not these changes are successful or not. However, Google does list these as Best Practices for better web development.

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