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Obviously for me, blogging is difficult. Not that it's physically exhausting, or that I can't think of anything to write about, but the fact that I can't seem to be consistent with it. With family, work, friends and outside interests, writing on the blog has never been a high priority. Which, I guess does make this kinda worthless. At least I got something right.

With that I've decided that what I really need to do is write a book about what "NOT TO DO" if you want to make it for yourself online. There is a lot to consider these days... do I write on a blog only? Probably not, you'll need social media for sure, and even that's getting stale and saturated with every teenager and millennial who has a smart phone. I think my kids, whom range from 15 to 2, have no less than the following social accounts: twitter, facebook, snapchat, Instagram,, vine, something about house calls and a bunch of music and video accounts. It's very hard to keep up and monitor all at the same time.

All kidding aside, I probably wouldn't have time to write a book. I mean, who am I kidding? I can't even blog on a consistent basis. But what I do plan on doing here is post about things that are important in my life. Things that interest me, but may very well be "Worthless" to you.

My goals for this blog are pretty simple:

  • Grow readership

  • Post frequently

  • Grow my social media following

  • Make some $$$$

  • Chuckle at world dominance

I think that's a pretty good list!


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