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Whether It's A Burger Or A Sandwich, I Love Things Stuffed In Bread

If you aren't aware, I love to cook. I'm not a chef, but in my household, I'm by far the most talented cook at the moment. My children are great a picking good take-out, but I'm pretty sure the toaster and the toaster oven are the only kitchen appliances they can use with any efficiency.

Because of this opportunity, I've begun to experiment with some of our favorite things to eat. Most of these dishes have a common element .... A Bun!

I love things stuffed in buns. Whether it's a burger smothered in cheese, cold meats (like a submarine sando), or the occasional piece of fried chicken. It's all delicious when delivered in a bun and soaking up all the good juices.

There are all kinds of buns

  • Burger Buns (The cheap store bough kind)
  • Brioche (These are my favorite)
  • Potato
  • Hotdog
  • Ciabatta
  • etc...

As a kid, my mom would give us two pieces of white bread and that became our bun. For our discussion here, a bun consists of anything that holds in other ingredients. I'm not really picky when it comes to buns, all I know is that I really like them.

Because of my current obsession with "things in buns" (and get your mind out of the gutter), I've decided to dedicate a whole new site to it. It will be aptly named What were you expecting me to call it. 

Although I like to keep my sites separate, I can't guarantee that there won't be some cross pollination of content. Like all things I do, I'm sure I'll post things on Instagram, YouTube and probably Twitter. However, I haven't created those accounts yet. In fact the website hasn't been created either. That's coming soon, but until then I'd like to hear from you about all the delicious things you eat with buns. And if you have a recipe, don't hesitate to share it. I'd love to hear about those family secrets.


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