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Summer Vacation 2019

June 16, 2019

It's finally here! Summer break has finally arrived, and just in time.

This year it's a little more special and the house is a little fuller than usual. Ainsley and Eleanor have come to California for the better part of the summer, and we've got a lot of activities planned. There will be many beach days, surf lessons, BBQ's and days at the park. But we couldn't have a summer break without some Disneyland thrown in there.

For me personally, I've needed a break for a little while. 2019 hasn't been the best start to any one year in recent memory. There have been many ups, but there are some significant downs as well. On a personal level life is pretty good. Professionally it's been a struggle. I have one really bad client that can't seem to get out of their own way, but it's coming to an end, so things are looking up. Sometimes you just need to trust your gut, and this one didn't seem right from the beginning. Multiple month delays where I was expected to keep going without anything to work on. Every deliverable from them has been late, and I've never seen a project plan until they want to commit dates to their client. It's been a nightmare from a project management standpoint.

But enough about the single dull point in life right now. Things will get better. All the kids in one place for the summer. The sun is finally starting to come out on a more consistent basis and life is looking up.

Enjoy Your Summer!


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